Habesha Jebena

Habesha Jebena: traditional coffee maker

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Jebena is a traditional Ethiopian / Eritrean coffee pot, made of clay and used for centuries to brew coffee. This unique brewing method produces a rich, full-bodied coffee that is a favorite of coffee lovers around the world. The jebena is typically handmade by skilled artisans who use their expertise to create a beautifully crafted, functional piece of art.

The jebena consists of a base, a body, and a spout. The base is flat and wide, and it serves as a stable platform for the pot. The body is curved and round, with a small opening at the top for adding coffee grounds and water. The spout is narrow and long, with a small opening at the end for pouring the coffee.

The jebena is typically used over an open flame, such as a charcoal or gas stove. The coffee is brewed slowly, with the water and coffee grounds heated together in the pot. As the coffee boils and the steam rises, it passes through the spout and into a serving vessel, such as a small cup or a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony set.

The jebena is a unique and special way to brew coffee, and it is perfect for coffee lovers who appreciate the art and science of coffee brewing. With its beautiful craftsmanship and rich, full-bodied coffee, the jebena is a must-have for anyone who loves coffee and appreciates the beauty of traditional Ethiopian culture.

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